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          Use Beacon Everywhere


          Your home, your music.


          Travel light, listen large.


          Make work rock.


          Take the party with you.

          The Phoenix 2

          Turn On, Tune In, Rock Out


          The Phoenix 2 takes portability and functionality to a whole new level. With a 10 hour battery life, updated Bluetooth and Flash Chip Sets the Phoenix 2 can party as long and as hard as you can. And the Phoenix 2 is serious about convenience. Equipped with Beacon's 10-Second Syncing, 35 ft Bluetooth range, and a built-in MIC, the Phoenix 2 let's you take care of business anytime, anywhere.

          Mic for speakerphone

          Wireless Bluetooth

          10 Hour Battery Life

          10-Second Sync System

          360-Degree Projection

          2 Speakers + Subwoofer

          The Blazar

          A New Universe of Sound



          Shop The Blazar

          The Blazar strikes the balance between permanence and portability. Designed with the elegance and uniqueness of your home or office in mind, the Blazar is housed in a single piece of extruded aluminum for a clean and refined aesthetic. Its 12 hour battery, built-in MIC, and NFC pairing function put it at the forefront of the wireless speaker market. But the Blazar’s Dual-Stereo Pairing technology makes it market-unique.

          Dual Stereo Pairing

          Mic for speakerphone

          Wireless Bluetooth

          12 Hour Battery Life

          NFC Touch Pairing

          360-Degree Projection

          More About Us

          Audio Companions for an Inspired Lifestyle


          We believe music shouldn't simply be heard - it should be experienced. Whether you're watching the sun disappear over the ocean, partying on a rooftop, or relaxing at home we want to help you become immersed in the moment.

          This conviction has ingrained in us a standard: the device you use to listen to music shouldn't just sound good. It must function well, feel superior, and have a great design. That's not an industry standard - that's Beacon Audio.

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